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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems and if not treated in time, can not only result in unsanitary environments but it can also become a huge inconvenience to your home or business. This can be daunting, and turn into a messy business.

We are here to help!

Our drain cleaning services are fast and affordable in clearing your blocked drains in Bathurst, NSW.

With our advanced drain cleaning equipment, we offer a full range of blocked drain solutions to fix your drainage system in no time. As soon as you call us, our qualified drain plumber will be right at your doorstep to help sort the drain blockage in your property.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

For shallow drain blockages, identifying the cause and clearing the blockage is easier. However at times, the obstruction is way deeper inside your drainage system. Here, our latest CCTV drain inspection technology comes to the rescue.

These cameras are purpose-built, so they are flexible and come with an LED light. Our plumbers can easily insert and move the camera inside the drain pipes to locate the exact source of trouble and develop the most suitable strategy to clear the obstruction.

Are you facing a persistent drainage problem in your Bathurst property? We have the solution.

High-Pressure Water Jetting Technology

From clearing grease and foreign objects to removing tree roots, our water jetting technology is the most convenient and damage-free solution for deep-rooted blocked drains in your Bathurst property. We use hydro jets for treating stubborn drain blockages where a pressure pump releases a high pressure of water into the blocked drainpipe, removing the obstruction that comes in its way.

The major advantage of water jetting technology is its capability to clear blockages that are beyond the reach of a traditional drain machine. We normally use this technique for grease-clogged kitchen sinks, so that the high pressure of water cuts through the fats and gets your drainage system flowing once again. Our water jetting technique is also effective for clearing mud, leaves, and debris from your stormwater drains. However, our drain plumbers will suggest the most suitable solution only after a complete drain inspection.

Post-Service Drain Inspection

Our CCTV drain camera inspections are not limited to locating the blockage in your drains. We also carry out post-service inspections after clearing your blocked drains to make sure if the drainpipe is completely clear or there’s still some obstruction that is left behind.

This standard practice by LC Plumbing’s trained plumbers makes us the first choice of homes and business owners all around Bathurst, NSW.

Preventative Drain Maintenance

Apart from offering long-lasting solutions for your blocked drains in Bathurst, we also provide preventative drain maintenance services. Our drain plumbers carry out periodic drain inspections for your property, so any drainage issue can be resolved before the problem escalates.

From slow drainage and bubbling drains to foul odours and overflowing gullies; all these signs indicate your drainage system is asking for attention. You can schedule an appointment with LC Plumbing to make sure your property’s drainage system keeps working efficiently.

For an all-in-one solution for your blocked drains in Bathurst, feel free to reach out to us at 0402 341149.

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