About Us

About Us

We're Bathurst born and bred.

Our team is one that’s grown with Bathurst as times, and the community, have changed. 

After our director finished his apprenticeship in plumbing, he began sub-contracting for other plumbing companies in the area. 

Pretty soon, he found himself struggling to find a workplace where he could put all the skills he’d learnt over the years to good use.

So, after working in maintenance for a while, he decided to make the leap into the residential housing market, bringing a brand new team with him. 

Currently, LC Plumbing and Roofing consists of two apprentices and a few sub-contractors, but really, we’re just getting started.

Already, we’re one of the top local providers of plumbing and roofing services, and we’re looking forward to expanding as time goes on. 

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We're one of the best plumbing and roofing service providers in Bathurst for a reason!

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